What is UI and UX Design?

What is UI and UX Design?

What is UI and UX Design?

What is UI and UX design? Although they are often used interchangeably, they are actually two terms that mean very different things. 

The definition of "user experience design" for UX design and "user interface design" for UI design can be made. Both are important for the emergence of a project and work collaboratively. But while UI and UX design are related, their tasks are quite different. They both cover different aspects of the project development process and design understanding.

 What is UI and UX design? Let's keep learning.

What is UI and UX Design?


Kullanıcı Deneyimi (UX) Tasarımı nedir?

UX tasarımı, ürünleri tasarlamanın kullanıcı odaklı bir yoludur. UX tasarımı, kullanıcıların söz konusu proje ile etkileşimini analiz eder. Ancak tüm mesleklerde olduğu gibi, bu süreci sadece birkaç kelime ile anlatmak imkansızdır.

Actually UX; It's not just a website. It applies to everything users will experience, such as a coffee machine or a mall visit. User experience refers to the interaction between users and the service. UX design considers all the components that shape this experience.

In summary, UX designers analyze how the user experience is and how easily the user can reach the target component. Also, UX designers run task analytics to see the user experience.

What Does UX Design Include?

  • The main purpose of UX design is; to produce easy, efficient, relevant and quality experiences for the user.
  • UX design is the process of developing and improving the quality of interaction between the user and the company. In theory, it is a non-digital activity. But it is predominantly used and defined by digital industries.
  • UX design is not about visuals; focuses on the overall feel of the user experience.

What is UI and UX design? Read on for more detailed information.

What is UI and UX Design?


What is User Interface (UI) Design?

Although it is a more practical field than UX design, it is difficult to answer questions about what UI design is. The difference from UX is that user interface design is a purely digital term.

User experience is a collection of tasks focused on optimizing a product for effective and enjoyable use. UI design complements the user experience. It organizes studies on the appearance, presentation and interaction of a project.

But as with UX design, the job description is easily and often confused by industries that employ UI designers.

If you look at job postings and job descriptions for UI designers, you'll find that the profession is mostly similar to graphic design, sometimes ranging from brand design to even front-end development. But usually a UI designer; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Omnigraffle, InVision, Sketch .

So what is the user interface? The user interface is the point of interaction between the user and the digital device or product, like the touchscreen on your smartphone or the touchpad you use to choose what kind of coffee you want.

With regard to websites, UI design takes into account the look, feel and interaction of the project. This means thinking carefully about all the visuals and interactive elements that the user may encounter.

So a UI designer thinks everything about icons, buttons, text, color palettes, images and mobile responsive design.

What Does UI Design Include?

  • UI design is a purely digital practice. It considers all visual and interaction elements of a product, including buttons, icons, color schemes, typography, and responsive design.
  • The purpose of UI design is to provide visual convenience to the user in the project interface. From this point of view, everything involving UI design is about creating an experience that does not require the user to think too much.
  • UI design transfers the strengths and visual assets of businesses to the interface of a project, making the design look consistent and aesthetic.

What is UI and UX design? We tried to explain the subject. Now let's examine the differences between UI and UX design.

What is UI and UX Design?


What are the Differences Between UI and UX Design?

What is UI and UX design? User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are two terms that are confused by everyone. For a flawless project, UI and UX design need to be maintained simultaneously. Both are necessary to achieve a successful project.

“What is UI and UX design?” The main difference to keep in mind is as follows: UX design is all about the user experience, while UI design is about the visual presence and working logic of the project interfaces.

A UX designer considers the user's entire experience to solve a specific problem. UX designers; What steps do users take to achieve their goals? What tasks do they need to complete? How easily can they reach their target point? They focus on questions.

Most UX studies focus on what problems users encounter and how they can solve them. They conduct extensive user research to find out who the target users are and what the needs of a project are.

They then draw a roadmap, taking into account the data they have obtained and what features the user may need. As a result, they come up with the basic plan for the project at hand.

UI designer steps in to bring this basic plan to life. UI designer considers all visual aspects of user experience. It produces designs that involve tapping a button, scrolling down a page, or navigating an image gallery.

What are the Differences Between UI and UX Design?

While the UX designer comes up with the basic project plan, the UI designer focuses on all the details that make it possible to bring this project plan to life. However, that doesn't mean UI design is all about looks; UI designers have a huge impact on whether a project is accessible and inclusive.

What is UI and UX design in this article? We tried to answer your question.

What is UI and UX Design?


In summary, what is UI and UX Design?

  • UX design is about identifying and solving problems that users may experience. UI design is; It's about creating interactive interfaces that are visually and aesthetically pleasing.
  • UX design is often the first step in the project development process. The UX designer analyzes and maps the user experience. The UI designer then populates this map with visual and interactive elements.
  • UX design can apply to any type of project, service or experience. UI design is specific to digital products and experiences.


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